Hi, I'm Akhil

Utopian. Trailblazer. Social Giraffe

Marketing Communications Cognoscente, love to follow great stories and strive to be part of global, diverse, innovative cultures.
A Sports Aficionado, Travel Enthusiast and Movie Buff, I keep fuelling my passion to stay energized and watch what’s happening in the world. I enjoy sharing my unique experiences and do believe that your energy electrifies your surroundings.
I love talking about different aspects of life, even philosophical as that defines what we are & what we do.
Quite a dual personality- Can be a strong, methodical, organised, livewire, compassionate leader and change gears to be a rebel maverick, challenging the status quo with conviction.
This is me. This is what keeps me going. Free spirited, live life on my own terms, follow my instincts and believe in the process more than the results. For me the journey matters more than the destination!
Been in the corporate world for more than 15 years, but don’t like counting years

of experience as I truly believe in the mantra- “Never stop learning”. This is the hallmark of my journey.
For the last decade and a half, I’ve had a roller coaster professional ride. Worked with some iconic brands and some which were on way to become one. Along the way, I’ve found countless detours, exciting experiences, wonderful people that have stayed with me in person and mind, inspiring me each day.
Size does matter to me but has never stopped me from taking risks in life. My diverse experience in Sports, Media & Broadcast, Travel & Technology, and Visa Outsourcing has given me the bandwidth and insights to talk, share and nurture conversations.
To me, Marketing should be filled with “Need…Comfort…and Orgasms for Customers.”
Writing comes naturally to me. I like speaking my mind. I have verbal diarrhoea and hence, was only a matter of time when I started my own space.
I believe in knowledge sharing and here I am doing what I love most. Be candid.
“This is my platform and I’m here to create ruckus.”